Translog Trolley

Some goods are most efficiently and gently transported hanging from an overhead conveyor. This is not only the case in the fashion industry, but for a large variety of other products as well. Our line of overhead conveyor technology covers a wide range of applications in different sectors. We will help you find the ideal material flow solution for your specific products and warehouse design. Our overhead conveyor systems come in different versions, from manual to fully-automated ones.

Overhead conveyor technology for different applications:

SSI Translog Single – Clip Conveyor

The SSI Translog Carrier is the core of our modular conveyor systems and highly versatile. It transports various goods up to 5 kg each. The secret behind its versatility lies in the different load bearers, which you can attach to the carriers as you need them.

For conveying hanging garments on coat hangers, we offer a standard, all-round solution: SSI Translog Single. Because we are able to choose from a selection of components and parts, we can set-up almost any conceivable warehouse layout for you. Furthermore, the system is compatible with other equipment and devices, for example packing machines.

SSI Translog Trolley is the most recent addition to our range of overhead conveyor modules. It allows you to implement manual, semi-automated and fully-automated material flow designs. The components are extremely stable and able to carry loads of 50 kg in the standard version, and even up to 105 kg on request.

If you are interested in comprehensive order picking and sorting technology, you should take a look at our Fulfilment Factory. It is a multi-channel distribution solution designed to handle a large variety of goods.

Setting up an overhead conveyor requires professional consulting. Please get in touch with us and let us know what kinds of tasks your warehouse is supposed to accomplish. You can write us a note or call us directly and our experienced advisors will get back to you!

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Overhead conveyors in detail
Overhead conveyors in detail

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