Delivering to a network of stores, while participating in E-Commerce at the same time, doesn’t have to be a contradiction. The Fulfilment Factory by SSI Schaefer enables you to supply several distribution channels from on facility.

The concept has been developed based on modern overhead conveyor technology in combination with RFID compatible carriers. We also offer load-carrying devices able to accommodate a large variety of articles.

Overhead conveyor technology for multi-channel distribution

Efficient distribution for different products

  • Clothing and shoes
  • Toys
  • Small electronic devices
  • Office supplies
  • CDs, DVDs
  • Cosmetics
  • Drugs
Sorter for hanging products

Depending on the size of your facility, you can break up a certain number of pallets and feed their articles into the Fulfilment Factory. From then on, it doesn’t matter anymore, whether you are order picking for a store or an internet customer. The articles are not stored according to distribution channel, but instead stay together in the same facility.

The Fulfilment Factory is capable of working off orders in the right sequence and with the correct amounts of articles – cost-effective and highly economic. In addition, it is possible to sort and buffer individual orders. At those places inside the facility where humans work, we will provide ergonomically correct workstations.

There is more information available for you to download. Please don’t hesitate to call us directly or send us a message, in case you have further questions. The Fulfilment Factory offers many opportunities and we will take the time necessary to explain them to you personally.

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